Fun-Raiser Info

Please complete the form below to request a Fun-Raiser.  Once submitted your request will be reviewed and confirmed with additional information. 


Hosting a Fun-Raiser with PTB is as easy as a polka dot!  There are a few options of how the fun-raiser will look.  It can be in the following formats: 

 - In person painting event
 - Paint kit fun-raiser with a live Zoom instructional video 
 - Paint kit fun-raiser with pre-recorded YouTube instructional video 

Fun-raisers must have a  minimum of 25 participants.  PTB's donation will be on a sliding scale based on the number of kits/paints registered.   


COVID-19 additional precautions:

The fundraising entity, not PTB, assumes all risk related to COVID-19 exposure.  Participants will be instructed that If they don’t feel well, have been exposed to COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, or are currently waiting for COVID testing results, DO NOT COME TO THE EVENT!  Communication will occur to find the best way to ensure product can be completed in a safe manner.  


Q: Do we all have to make the same shape?

A: There will be a  limit on shapes that can be part of the fun-raiser.  Typically 3-5 shapes are selected and participants will register for those shapes only.  Limiting the shapes chosen by participants is a way to keep costs down (less materials, less staff)  

Q: How do we do registration?

A:  Registration can be done via the PTB website or the organizer can conduct registration.  Registration through the PTB website is the most efficient method and causes no delays in getting products to the participants.  A specific link will be created and provided and shared for ease in ordering.  If the organizer wishes to conduct the registration, the organizer is responsible for collecting all taxes and submission.  The organizer is also responsible for providing total numbers to PTB by required timelines.  Failure will result in delay of delivery.  


Q: What is the cost?

A: That is dependent upon the shape size selected and if the organizer wishes to add $5 to the normal price of the shape to ensure maximum fun-raising efforts.    

Q: How do participants pay?

A: When they register - either online or with the organizer.  The organizer will pay PTB 2 weeks in advance of the event their portion of the funds to ensure that supplies can be purchased in a timely manner.  If PTB runs the registration, PTB will provide a check at the live event or at paint kit delivery.  

Q: What if one of the guests cancels?

A: PTB will make efforts with the individual to meet with them to create in the PTB workshop at a different time or create a paint kit for create at home opportunities.  


Q: Do we have to wear masks?

A: Yes, masks are required for the duration of your private party to ensure the safety of all participants and instructors.